Are you locked up properly?

Offenders are taking advantage of people not locking up their house properly. Taking those few extra minutes to secure doors and windows each time you leave the house could save you from becoming a victim.

Security doors need to be key locked. Simply locking the snib on the security door does not lock your door effectively. At present offenders are damaging fly screen wire to access the snib and gain entry. Police are encouraging residents to key lock security doors and keep the key handy where it is not visible and you can access it quickly and easily.

Ensure doors and windows are open enough to give you good air flow while you are at home. Research security options of screens and locking mechanisms to enable you to have doors and windows open whilst maintaining your security.

Offenders are still targeting mailboxes. Lock your mailbox and keep your documents and identification safe. Be aware of when credit cards or licences and medicare cards are being replaced and sent out to you. If they do not arrive, contact the issuing authority immediately to report them lost or stolen. If you are living in multi residential complexes, report lost keys to management and encourage other residence to use their keys and keep their mail boxes locked.

Keep an eye on your neighbour and report any suspicious active to Police.



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